Cactus seeds

Peyote growing

Sowing of Peyote and other cacti

Seeds of Peyote and other cacti pullulate on warm humid conditions. Hence the danger of putrescence is high. Therefore sabulous soil or pure sand are beneficial with sowing of cacti.

For germination cacti need relatively much humidity and light, a kind of „tropical climate“. They react very sensitiv to direct sunlight and waterlogging.

A very approved method is sowing Peyote in a preserving jar. A jar will be filled with a layer of perlite, seramis, vermiculit or another drainig material. On top of this comes a layer of sand

Peyote seeds (Lophophora williamsii) cactus

Peyote is a small, spineless cactus whose native region extends from Texas and New Mexico through central Mexico. All Lophophora species are slow growing, often taking up to 30 years to reach flowering age in the wild. Human cultivated specimens grow considerably faster, usually taking from six to ten years to go from seedling to flowering adult. Peyote is considered to be in danger of extinction in the wild. Ethnobotany: From earliest recorded time, peyote has been used by natives in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States as a part of traditional religious rites.

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